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Monday, March 22, 2004

well i hope everyone had a good break b/c now its back to the daily grind, is everyone else now facing the end of the term with what feels like 20 research papers to write? i am really procrastinating all of them. i really did nothing all week, but i did see starsky and hutch and i thought it was pretty lame. there were a few kinda funny parts, but it was far from great, so a word of advice to any prospects, save your 7 dollars for something better. on another note i'm a little sad that all of my favorite shows are ending this yr. first sex and the city and now friends. NBC is doing a countdown of the favorite episodes and i have to say i loved the one with bruce willis when he does the pep speech and dance in the mirror while ross is hiding under the bed. but maybe that just has to do with my minor infatuation with bruce.
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