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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

hey there!
laura you definatley need to see star wars and the lord of the rings, they are both great series, and plus vigo mortensen looks really good in lor (just a side note). i finally watched scarface too a week ago and that was pretty good, i now know where people get the "say hello to my little friend" thing. i have never seen all of boys don't cry, but i really want to. from what i saw it was pretty serious and intense. i know what some of you mean when u say that you can't watch some movies more than once a year or what not. there are a lot of really good movies like that, but they are just not ones that you like to watch often, sometimes i think they're just too disturbing or depressing like requium for a dream; and the newer monster movie, both good but i really don't forsee me looking to watch them again in the next 2 years or so. well hope everyone has fun on spring break, i think i might be going to beautiful sioux falls for the weekend, otherwise i'm stuck here, but to everyone else enjoy the warm weather!
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