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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Hey Guys,
Wow, this week has been hard. Spring Break took away all my focus and drive to finish this semester. Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things. I went to South Beach Miami and had a blast. I was hoping to see movie stars, but that didn't happen. Well I did see a "Star", Star Jones that is from The View. I was sitting in front of my hotel and a girl ran across the street screaming and yelling "Star, Star." I didnt know what was going on until the girl said,"Star I watch The View everyday!" Star Jones was walking with her friends shopping. It was kind of exciting. Oh, speaking of Friends, I am very sad about the show ending. I agree with Melissa and Dana, I love the show and don't want it to end. Tonight I watched another favorite of mine the OC. The OC is one of the big, popular, teenaged crazed drama/comedy. There is always a new show after the old popular show ends. First it was Saved By the Bell, then 90210, then Dawson's Creek and now it is the OC. Even though the storylines are out of this world I can't help but watch. I am hooked. Well talk to you soon.
Meredith Lee
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