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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hey guys! I hate to say it, but i have never seen the Godfather either. I have been meaning to watch it for years and years, but i just never get around to it. Laura, you have to see Star Wars at some point in your life. I am not a big freak about the Star Wars movies, but they are pretty good and are also classics. Has anyone seen Natural Born Killers? I have to watch that movie for another class and it was pretty good. It was an intense movie about a couple who go on a killing rage. Sounds kinda weird hey? But the cinematography is really amazing and the acting is good too (Woody Harelson is in it). Yeah, I'm excited for spring break too. I am not going anywhere totally kick ass, like Mexico, but me and a bunch of friends are driving down to Pensacola Beach in Florida on Sunday. I'm really pumped about leaving this crappy Minnesota weather and getting on a beach. Well, have a good one...see ya guys later!
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