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Monday, March 08, 2004

Hello Everyone!!! I hope all is well with everyone during midterm season....is it as hectic for everyone else? I'm so tired of studing for tests and writing papers. I definately am looking forward to Spring Break...but back to the topic of entertainment. Josh - I think Hilary Swank was the lead actress in the movie Boys Don't Cry and she won the Oscar a few years ago for best acress. I haven't seen the movie (I'll have to check it out when I'm in the mood for a serious movie), but I remember her winning hte Oscar. Thanks everyone for the recomendations on ONce Upon a Time in Mexico...I've almost rented it a couple times but now I think I'll pass the next time I feel like renting it. If anyone is in the mood for a feel good movie, I highly recomend Hidalgo. It just came out and it's about this American man and his mustang horse who travel to India (or somewhere liek that) and compete in a long disatnce race. It's a pretty good movie - that is it's entertaining and it really makes you smile...like the movie Seabiscuit. But yeah, I recomend it however you don't need to rush to the theaters to see it.
Good luck to everyone on the midterm!!
Peace out - Laura
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