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Monday, March 29, 2004

Hello All -

Well, now I definately have to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Hopefully I can get out to see it tomarrow.

I alos was thinking about multi tasking from the class lecture a couple days ago, and I am almost convinced that multi tasking is the norm. For example, I just wrote my online community write up while watching a movie (Runaway Jury - it's good, you should all see it - suspensful with a good twist at the end). I also didn't realize just how often I drive while talking on my phone. Which reminds me of a saying my frined told me: you know you are too busy when you are trying to make a left hand turn in you car while talking on your cell phone and sipping a cup of coffe all at the same time. I used to think that doing all those same tasks at the same time was a sign of being too busy, but now, I think it's just the norm. Anyone else agree??

Peace out - Laura

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hey guys! I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind today. I thought that it was amazing! Both Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey did an awesome job in the film (and normally i don't like Kate Winslet). I thought that it was really confusing at first, but i loved how everything just came together throughout the movie. Another great movie that i saw was Donnie Darko. It was pretty deep and intense like Eternal Sunshine, but it was just awesome. I would say that it is my favorite movie of all time. Well, see ya guys later.
Hello all,

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend...and by the way, I love Full House - I alos liked Step by Step (I think that's what it was called). I practically grew up on those shows - kinda sick.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the movie Troy, I'm not so sure about Brad Pitt as a big warrior type character; however. But don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to watching him for a couple hours.

Well, I gotta go, I have to watch the movie Unforgiven with some classmates for another class - has anyone seen it. I haven't, but I'll let ya know how I like it!

Peace out - Laura

Saturday, March 27, 2004

hey guys speaking of full house, my 18 yr old brother is the biggest fan ever, he knows every single episode by heart, kinda wierd huh, he watches the reruns religously. i'm also glad to hear good things about eternal sunshine, two of my friends saw it and one said it was horrible and the other said it was great, i'm going to go see it regardless. i'm so excited for troy to come out, brad pitt and orlando bloom.....sweet.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Hey guys! Wow, can you believe how nice it is outside! I love being able to chill outside and grill out without freezing to death. So anyways, Brian, I am a big fan of Full House as well. I think that i enjoy all of those cheezy sitcoms. Another favorite of mine is Saved by the Bell. It's on everyday from 11-12 and when i am home i have to watch it. One thing that i don't like though is the College Years. It just wasn't the same as when they were in highschool. Well, have a great weekend guys and I will see ya later!
Brian-my favorite Lifetime movie is the one with Yasmene Bleeth (sp?). I forgot the name of it, but it's about a model whose face was all cut up. Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Did anyone hear they are making The Pink Panther slated for 2005? It's supposed to be a prequel to the original '64 film... but still, talk about UN-originality. I'm so sick of remakes, especially the casting. Beyonce is going to be in it? Don't get me wrong, she's a decent musician, but that's it- a MUSICIAN. She was horrible in Austin Powers, and the fact that people like her can get casted to play a role for millions of dollars, only because she is a huge pop-princess, while there are thousands of serious actors and actresses out there who could probably do a much better job is kind of sickening!
hey guys and gals,
So tomorrow is the last time that we HAVE to post on this blog. I'm gonna miss all of you. It's been fun. I didn't know about the whole blogging thing, but it's turned out to be a good experience. Anyway, see you all in class and we'll have to set up a time to meet about our presentations. HAve a great weekend.
A new study shows that multi-tasking is becoming the norm. Link

I guess that means it's ok for me to surf the web on my laptop during class, right?
Dayna - About the Lifetime movie...I too am a fan of Lifetime movies. So bad, they're good. But something to think about is that the network created for women almost always portrays women as total victims. I still watch, but that observation amuses me.

Whats up ladies and gents-

Speaking of "Friends", I am honestly glad to see it end. Don't get me wrong, it's my favorite sit-com of all time (next to Full House)... just kidding. But Full House was awesome. Anyways, I love Friends, but I'm glad it's ending because I think it's about time. The characters are getting older, the show is becoming less-funny, and they are running out of storylines (pregnancy, ross and rachel for like the 8th time, etc). Anyways, it's gonna be sad though when it ends, but I think they should be proud for creating such a huge show, even though those bastards make way too much money per episode.

About movies... does anyone have a favorite director? Mine would probably be Martin Scorsese... for those who don't know he directed films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino to name a few.

Alright that's enough for now, hope everyone's week is going well, lata.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Hey Guys,
Wow, this week has been hard. Spring Break took away all my focus and drive to finish this semester. Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things. I went to South Beach Miami and had a blast. I was hoping to see movie stars, but that didn't happen. Well I did see a "Star", Star Jones that is from The View. I was sitting in front of my hotel and a girl ran across the street screaming and yelling "Star, Star." I didnt know what was going on until the girl said,"Star I watch The View everyday!" Star Jones was walking with her friends shopping. It was kind of exciting. Oh, speaking of Friends, I am very sad about the show ending. I agree with Melissa and Dana, I love the show and don't want it to end. Tonight I watched another favorite of mine the OC. The OC is one of the big, popular, teenaged crazed drama/comedy. There is always a new show after the old popular show ends. First it was Saved By the Bell, then 90210, then Dawson's Creek and now it is the OC. Even though the storylines are out of this world I can't help but watch. I am hooked. Well talk to you soon.
Meredith Lee
Bruno - I'm so glad that you saw Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind becuase I really want to see that, and now that you had such wonderful things to say about it, I'll definately have to check it out!! I"m excited to see it. And Melissa - I too have procrastinated on all of my research papers and it's starting to kick my butt. I have so many papers to write in what feels like so little time. This semester has flown by, and I feel like the last seven or so weeks are going to fly by just as fast...anyone else feel that way too.
Well guys, I just watched Seabiscuit tonight for the thrid time, and I love it! Talk about a true feel good movie. Does anyone else have any suggestions on feel good movies...I've kinda been in that movie mode.
That's all for now
Peace out - Laura

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hey guys! Laura, I love the movie School of Rock! I think that Jack Black is just hilarious and he definitely made the movie! Melissa, I too am a huge fan of Friends. I can't think of what my favorite episode is, but i really liked the one where Ross and Julie get a cat and Rachel calls Ross and leaves him a message about "closure." I thought that it was great how she was wasted on her date with that other guy and was just talking about Ross and his cat the whole time. Anyways, i haven't seen any new movies in the last couple of days, but if you guys get a chance you should see the Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg. That's a great action movie about robberies and revenge. It's pretty intense! Well, See ya guys later!
Hey guys, glad to hear everyone's break was fun.
I went to see "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" yesterday, and it was breathtaking. It's just a beautifully done movie, both in substance and in its style. It's directed by Michel Gondry (a groundbreaking music video director) and written by Charlie Kauffman (who also wrote Adaptation and Being John Malkovich). Kauffman will be on the Charlie Rose Show tonight talking about the script. It's on channel 17 at 11pm.

Monday, March 22, 2004

well i hope everyone had a good break b/c now its back to the daily grind, is everyone else now facing the end of the term with what feels like 20 research papers to write? i am really procrastinating all of them. i really did nothing all week, but i did see starsky and hutch and i thought it was pretty lame. there were a few kinda funny parts, but it was far from great, so a word of advice to any prospects, save your 7 dollars for something better. on another note i'm a little sad that all of my favorite shows are ending this yr. first sex and the city and now friends. NBC is doing a countdown of the favorite episodes and i have to say i loved the one with bruce willis when he does the pep speech and dance in the mirror while ross is hiding under the bed. but maybe that just has to do with my minor infatuation with bruce.
Hello All!!! I'm sadly going through a Cabo withdrawl. I would call it a slight depression actually so to remedy this problem, I've decided to pack all my bags and move to Cabo - well, I can dream. Can't I? But yes, sb was amazing and it's so hard to get back into reality, any one else agree?

Melissa, if you liked Vigo in lor, you'll love him in Hidalgo. He looks pretty good in that movie too, so I highly suggest you check it out.

Dayna, I hope you had fun in FL, and that Lifetime movie you watched sounded pretty intense...could you sleep after watching that? The scarry movied based on reall stories always freak me out the most because it actually happened. Scarry!

Bruno - I hope the wisdom tooth removal went well. I had mine taken out in high school, and I was so puffy for so long. It wasn't the most pleasant experience from me, so I hope it went a lot better for you.

Josh - milwaukee isn't too bad...I went there for Summerfest last summer and had one of hte best weekends of my life!! So give it up for milwaukee. This may be really random too....but are you in HCOL1401 (I think that's the number) with Kjel Johnson?? I have a Josh in taht class too that went to Milwaukee so I was just wondering if it's the same Josh - random, I know.

Well, I have to get going to my horseback riding class. I didn't really see any new movies. Something's Gotta Give was shown on the plane to Mexico, but I was so tired that I slept through it. I really want to see that movie though. I also rented School of Rock when I got home....but once again too tired to stay awake for the whole thing. I heard it was really funny though so I'll have to give it another try when I'm not so tired from spring breaking.

Peace out - Laura

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Hey guys!! I hope that everyone had a great spring break!! I went to Florida with a group of people so we had a blast! I saw a pretty good movie today during my 6 hours of being lazy and watching TV. It was called, "Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder." Can you tell that it's a LifeTime movie? It was about the murder of a teenage girl who was killed by a psychotic couple because she had an affair with the guy and his fiance influenced him to kill her. It was pretty intense and freaky because it was a true story. Well, for all of you Lifetime fans this was a good one to watch! See ya latez!!!

Hey guys- I hope you all had a great break. I went to milwaukee for about half of the week, Yeah spring break Milwaukee! Anyway, while i was there i saw Secret Window. WOW. What a great movie. I didn't expect it to end the way it did. I recommend that everyone see this movie. Johnny Depp is amazing in it. It's definitley worth your time and money.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Hey guys! I finally got to see Lost in Translation tonight. I thought that it was an excellent movie and she did a really great job making it. I am suprised that a lot of people thought that it was a dull movie because some parts were hilarious. Has anyone else seen it yet? What did you think?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Beth- I checked Blockbuster.com for you and They have it there. It's called "The Brandon Teena Story." I watched it last night and it was really good. The Director of "Boys Don't Cry", Kimberly Peirce, chose to leave out somethings that happened in real life and would have been interesting to see in the movie. The documentary really made the people of Lincoln and Fall city look like a bunch of white trash. I would recomend watching it. So call Blockbuster, they might have it.

Have a great spring break all.
Josh- DO you know if the Brendan Teena documentary is available anywhere? Or is it just available to educational institutions. I would be very interested in seeing that and comparing the two as well.

Also, I must admit to watching Days of Our Lives. Total guilty pleasure. I see it a few times a week, which is all you need to keep up. I am wondering also what is going on there. Is EVERYONE's contract up? They seem to be killing off just about everyone. Something funny about that show is that it is so predominately Catholic, but still has many plot lines about "voo doo" and the "supernatural." Any other people think that's weird? Regardless, I am, sadly, a fan of the outrageous plot lines and ubsurdity of it all.
Hey guys,
For some reason I've never really liked the Godfather movies. Maybe I just don't like mobster films.
Anyway, hope you all have fun on your various spring break vacations. I'll be hope getting my wisdom teeth out. Yes!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

hey there!
laura you definatley need to see star wars and the lord of the rings, they are both great series, and plus vigo mortensen looks really good in lor (just a side note). i finally watched scarface too a week ago and that was pretty good, i now know where people get the "say hello to my little friend" thing. i have never seen all of boys don't cry, but i really want to. from what i saw it was pretty serious and intense. i know what some of you mean when u say that you can't watch some movies more than once a year or what not. there are a lot of really good movies like that, but they are just not ones that you like to watch often, sometimes i think they're just too disturbing or depressing like requium for a dream; and the newer monster movie, both good but i really don't forsee me looking to watch them again in the next 2 years or so. well hope everyone has fun on spring break, i think i might be going to beautiful sioux falls for the weekend, otherwise i'm stuck here, but to everyone else enjoy the warm weather!
Hey guys! I hate to say it, but i have never seen the Godfather either. I have been meaning to watch it for years and years, but i just never get around to it. Laura, you have to see Star Wars at some point in your life. I am not a big freak about the Star Wars movies, but they are pretty good and are also classics. Has anyone seen Natural Born Killers? I have to watch that movie for another class and it was pretty good. It was an intense movie about a couple who go on a killing rage. Sounds kinda weird hey? But the cinematography is really amazing and the acting is good too (Woody Harelson is in it). Yeah, I'm excited for spring break too. I am not going anywhere totally kick ass, like Mexico, but me and a bunch of friends are driving down to Pensacola Beach in Florida on Sunday. I'm really pumped about leaving this crappy Minnesota weather and getting on a beach. Well, have a good one...see ya guys later!
Hi All - Wow, the Godfather....I have yet to see that movie in its entirety as well, so Melissa, thanks for bringing it up. I'll have to watch to whole movie sometime soon becuase I heard it's one of the best films ever. So I feel like I'm missing out too. I also feel like I'm missing out becuase I've never seen the Star Wars movies or Lord of the Rings movies. I think I have a lot of movie watching to do. Anyone else out there who has never seen LOTR or SW?? Just curious. Well, gotta go, but I hope all is well with everyone!!! PS - Spring Break is only three days away!!!!!! A little off the topic: are any of you traveling over break? If so, where are you going? I leave for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Sat morning for the week, so to say the least, I'm getting VERY pumpped!
Peace out - Laura

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Beth- I agree, i liked the movie, but it is definetly something i don't want to see anytime soon. I am going to watch the documentary on Brandon Teena on wed. night in my CSCL class. It will be interesting to see how hollywood viewed his/her life, and how that differs from the truth.
Hey. Just thought I would comment on Boys Don't Cry. That movie is one of my favorites, although I couldn't watch it more than once a year. I feel it is an extremely important film that tells a story that has never been told before. I also like run of the mill fun movies, but the occasional different and moving film is inportant as well.

Monday, March 08, 2004

laura, thanks for the recommendation on hidalgo, i wasn't really sure about it and now i've heard plenty of good things about it so i'm going to try and go see it. And on a random note, does anybody here watch days of our lives? it's a diguisting habit, i know, but i am addicted to it. there's this salem serial killer going around and all of the shows main characters are getting whacked, is the show going off the air? i'm a little concerned. I also just watched all of the godfather for the first time ever, and i can't believe what i've been missing, it was such a great movie. well that's all i got, good luck to everyone on the midterm tomorrow.
Hello Everyone!!! I hope all is well with everyone during midterm season....is it as hectic for everyone else? I'm so tired of studing for tests and writing papers. I definately am looking forward to Spring Break...but back to the topic of entertainment. Josh - I think Hilary Swank was the lead actress in the movie Boys Don't Cry and she won the Oscar a few years ago for best acress. I haven't seen the movie (I'll have to check it out when I'm in the mood for a serious movie), but I remember her winning hte Oscar. Thanks everyone for the recomendations on ONce Upon a Time in Mexico...I've almost rented it a couple times but now I think I'll pass the next time I feel like renting it. If anyone is in the mood for a feel good movie, I highly recomend Hidalgo. It just came out and it's about this American man and his mustang horse who travel to India (or somewhere liek that) and compete in a long disatnce race. It's a pretty good movie - that is it's entertaining and it really makes you smile...like the movie Seabiscuit. But yeah, I recomend it however you don't need to rush to the theaters to see it.
Good luck to everyone on the midterm!!
Peace out - Laura

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Hey guys, I had to watch "Boys Don't Cry" for my CSCL class. It's a pretty heavy movie. I don't know if anyone has seen it, but it's about a transgender female who passes as a boy. Once her friends find out that he/she is a girl some pretty bad stuff happens (don't want to give it away). The movie was really good and I guess it won an Oscar, I'm not sure when or for what. Although it made me think and was really good I don't think I ever want to see it again. It's not what you would call, "The feel good movie of the year." Wondering if you had seen it.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

A little off the films topic, but...here's a review of a book called The Book of Probes - it combines the ideas of Marshall McLuhan ("The Medium is the Message") with the images of graphic design guru David Carson.
I also heard that Once Upon a Time in Mexico was bad. But- Desparado was really good. Totally different director. I believe it was Tarantino. I was reluctant to even see Desparado, but it was suprisingly good. Steve Buschemi is in it, and that helps.
In saw a really bad movie last night. "Onece upon a time in Mexico." It was horrible. I though it might be good, but it was so cheesy. I guess I have never seen "desperato", however, it was really hard to foloow and the stunts were some of the worst i had seen since, "The Mighty Ducks" (Which is one of my favorites). Anyway, very bad movie-Steer clear of that one.

Friday, March 05, 2004

I saw a really great film that I wanted to tell you all about. It was called "Iron Jawed Angels." It is an HBO movie that has only aired on HBO so far. It was a great women's sufferage movie. I haven't seen a lot of films on this topic. I have studied it, but haven't noticed a lot of films made about this era. Does anyone know of any others?

Thursday, March 04, 2004

So i guess no one felt like touching the steroid issue. I don't blame you. Has anyone seen that new Jim Carey movie? Has it even came out yet? I really want to see it, it looks really interesting. Just wondering. Have a good friday.
Sup guys! I love the movie Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise. I think that those futuristic movies that use all of that new technology are pretty sweet. I also really liked Minority Report with Tom. That was a futuristic movie about the conspiracy with their pre-crime orgainization that helps stop crime before it even happens. Everyone thought that they were accurate 24/7 but then one of their head guys (Tom) is being accused of committing a murder in the future and they are figuring out why this conspiracy is happening. It's a little difficult to explain, but it's a great movie. Josh- I agree with you. I think that the baseball players need to take responsiblity for their own actions. If they can do testing for steriods frequently in the olympics and other sports, I don't understand how they can make an exception. I think that they are all just money hungry. I really love watching baseball too and this just ruins it. Anyway, See ya later....good luck on the midterm everyone!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I really enjoy watching awards shows, but the Oscars was a little boring. I was happy for the creators and actors of Lord of the Rings and I did go see the movies, but it did get old seeing them go win over and over. They did a wonderful job and worked really hard so they do deserve it, but I feel for the other movies nominated. I was so happy the Charlize Theron won best actress. She was truely happy to win and she put her heart into the speech. She is a young actress who will be very successful in the future. Talk to you guys later.
So i know this is off the topic-but how does everyone feel about the steroid issue in baseball? I think the whole thing is crazy. I don't understand why the player's union won't let their members (the players) take drug tests. They need to grow a back bone and take responsibility for their actions. If the players are taking steroids then the correct action needs to be taken. People need to be punished. Anyway, thanks i needed to get that off my chest. Later.
So i know this is off the topic-but how does everyone else feel about the steroid issure in baseball? Do you think it tarnishes old records. And why won't the player's union let their member(the players) take drug tests? I think the whole thing is crazy. I seriously don't understand what is wrong with the union. They need to grow a back bone and take responsibility for their actions. If players are using steroids action needs to be taken. Sorry guys, i just had to get that off my chest. Do you have any oppinions? later
I loved both Vanilla Sky and Open Your Eyes. I liked the general theme of life is what you make it, you have choices. I thought it was pretty powerful beyond the sci-fish aspect to get to the underlying meanings.
Hey guys-

Laura, I'm sorry I can't help because I have yet to see Memento, but I borrowed it from a friend over a month ago and I havent' watched it yet! I'll have to watch it soon.

Has anyone seen Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos)? Well if you've seen Vanilla Sky, this is the film that it's based off of. Open Your Eyes is a 1997 Spanish film that is almost exacly like Vanilla Sky (or should I say it the other way around)? Penelope Cruz is in both films and plays the same character. Very interesting. I liked both films, however I thought Open Your Eyes was slightly better. Both films are like 95% the same, with a few differences here and there. You guys should check it out on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0125659/

I have the film if anyone is interested. Just wanted to let you all know since most Vanilla Sky fans don't even know Open Your Eyes exists! Peace,
hey guys! Yeah I watched the Oscars too....and I do like seeing all of the fashions as well. I am actually glad that the oscars are over with because now all of this hype about Lord Of the Rings will finally start to slow down. I saw the first Lord of the Rings and i wasn't that impressed.....i thought that the movie was okay but nothing really that special. I heard that the second one is better than the first one so maybe i'll give the movie another chance. I was really happy to hear that Charlize Theron won best actress too. I think that she is really talented and not a lot of people knew it until she was in Monster. Well, talk to ya guys later!
Hey guys...I was wondering if anyone could offer some help since the movie Memento has been on people's minds. For another calss, I have to write a paper on Memento using the phrase "now, where was I?" as a point of reference and explain the symbolic ties to the postmodern condidition. As of now, I'm struggling to get ideas rolling, so if any of you have any quick thoughts, ideas or comments on this topic, I will be forever greatful for your help.
thanks much - Laura
Hello Everyone -
So, who watched the Oscars?? I have to admit I am one of those people who only watches for the fashion...so needless to say, I didn't really pay too much attention. HOwever, I was so happy to hear that Charlize Theron won for Monster. She was unbelivable in that movie so I was happy for her.
I saw "In America" this weekend and I have to say, it's a new pick on my favorites list. It was soooo good. I don't know if you guys have seen it or not, but the movie tells a story of an Irish family who moved to New York (I think Manhattan) after the loss of one of their children. It shows their struggles just to make it through life and I thought it was one of the best films I've ever seen. I highly recomend it.
I alos have to agree with loving the movie Momento...I loved that movie too, as well as Life of David Gail.. Wow, so many great movies to talk about!!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Hey guys. About the Passion of the Christ, John Stewart said something pretty funny about Mel Gibson. It was in reference to the fact that people are thinking that it was a huge risk to make this movie in a predominately Jewish Hollywood. But John Stewart said, "Yeah, it was real risky to make a film about Jesus in a pro-Jesus country." I found it to be amusing...

Monday, March 01, 2004

Dayna, i've seen the life of david gayle too, and i thought that it was a good movie, the end really surprised me. i'm not really in favor of the death penalty exactly for the reason they enact in that movie, its shocking to think that it can happen so easily.
josh - i agree with your pick of american history x, i love edward norton, and i think that this movie sends a really powerful message about racism and how blinding it is.
and to everyone that may or may not have watched the academy awards, what did you all think of for who did and didn't win. i loved that sean penn won best actor and same with tim robbins for mystic river, it was a great movie, probably one of the best i've seen in a long time and those two gave awesome performances.
Hey guys! Josh-I love the movie Momento! I think that some of my favorite movies are the ones that have the crazy twisted plot lines that keep you on the edge of your seat. The editing in that movie was great! Another movie that you guys should check out is Requeim for a Dream. It's a really disturbing movie about drug abuse, but the cinematography and editing is just amazing. I think that everyone should watch that movie at some point in their lives. Later!
The life of David Gail is a really good movie. Kevin Spacey is a great actor. I never would have guess how it ends. Melissa- I would have to say that From Justin to Kelly is the worst movie i have ever seen. Among my favorites include Momento, Fight Culb and American History X. Maybe i'll see some of you at the Weisman tonight. Later