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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hey! Yeah, that's really interesting that you say that because i know a couple of guys that are pretty into the Sex and the City show and will watch it with me, but it's kinda funny because they never admit that they like it (even though they really do). So what's up with all of this hype about the new Mel Gibson movie Passion of J.C.? I mean, I think that it is good for our society because it shows the true story in all detail of what exactly happened to him during the crucifiction (from what the bible says). There's all this talk that if you see the movie then it is saying that you're anti-semitic because it has a lot of violence in it. I don't agree with that at all because Mel Gibson is just trying to show what really happened without making it ficitional. I just think it's crazy how so many people are getting all defensive about this and that talk about this movie is on EVERY single channel. What do you guys think? Latez!
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