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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Hey guys...is today the day we start posting three times a week?
Am I correct with 3 being the number of posting per week as well? If someone could fill me in that would wonderful.

I saw Monster a few weeks ago, and I definitely agree that Theron should win the Oscar. The movie, in my opinion, was terribly disturbing; however, Theron's performance is reason enough to view the movie. Not to mention her amazing physical transformation. I was watching a show (can't remember which one) but two photos were shown next to each other: one of Theron playing her part, and another of the real woman whose life the movie is based on. And the similarity was breathtaking. But please don't get me wrong. It's more than Theron's appearance driving her Oscar nomination, her performance is impeccable and if she doesn't win the Oscar I will definitely cry for a while!
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