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Friday, February 27, 2004

About the Passion: it's been causing lots of discussion everywhere, which I think is at the least a good thing. I want to see it, if only to be able to talk from experience, rather than from what I've read.
Everything I've read so far has said it's very, very violent. As I wrote in the comments, I think it would too bad if the violence is the most important message.
The film has been called anti-semitic. The argument is not that it's anti-semitic because of the violence, but because it repeats and, arguably, supports the historically questionable allegation that the Jews killed Jesus.

Gibson belongs to a very conservative Catholic sect that rejects the reforms of the Second Vatican council, which said, among other things, that the centuries-old belief that the Jews were responsible for Jesus' death was wrong.

The film has been criticized by some Christian scholars because, they say, it is not historically accurate or faithful to the Gospels. Here and here are some negative reactions I thought interesting.
Here's a Christianity Today article that is more forgiving.

The main thing that has disturbed me so far is that people are taking their young children to see this movie. I just think that would be really horrifying for a little kid.
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